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Lesson Plans Dec. 14-18

Lumberton Elementary School Lesson Plan Template Date: 12/14/15 Teacher: Lancaster/Ladner/Smith Subject & Grade Level: First Grade Lesson Title & Focus: Honey Bees Time/Period: 8:00 am – 11:00am Objective/Standards: Literature 1. Ask and answer...
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Nov. 16-20

                  Monday- Read Who Works Here? Read Vocabulary Sent. Read attached stories. Read long a sent. Date: Nov. 16-20 Have a Happy Thanksgiving!   Tuesday Read Who Works Here? Read Vocabulary...
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Sept. 28-Oct. 2

      Monday- Read “Pig in a Wig.” Read Vocabulary Sentences and sentence. Read   Short u sentences and practice subtraction and Rhymes. Date:Sept.28-Oct.2   Picture Day: Oct. 1st     Tuesday- Read “Pig in a Wig.”...
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Sept. 8-11

                  Monday- No school Date: Sept. 8-11 Enviroment: Fall Unit   Please read with your child nightly!!!!! Check over your child’s work daily to help reinforce skills not understood.  ...
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Newsletter sam

Monday Read Sam. Read Vocabulary Sentences. Read short a sentences. Read attached stories. Practice adding sums to 5. (use manipulatives with addition to help with understanding) pennies, beans Suggestions: Please ask your child questions about our reading...
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